What Is A Virtual Assistant?

What a great question – I am glad you asked!

In a nutshell, a virtual assistant is anyone who assists you with your work. A virtual assistant can help with countless tasks and projects to make your professional life easier and simpler.

There are two common types of virtual assistant (also known as a V.A.): an executive virtual assistant and a creative virtual assistant.

An executive virtual assistant is likely the kind that you are more familiar with. The executive V.A. can help you with administrative tasks like accounting, schedule management, appointment setting, and all aspects of online business management.

A creative V.A., which is what I am, can also help with the much of the administrative side of business, but our focus is more on the forward-facing part of your business; namely, your business’s social media presence.

We can help you with all areas of publicizing your business. We create graphics, reels, provide follower engagement and customer service. We schedule your content, manage your email, and even moderate your groups. We can help maintain your website through blog-creation & writing, and keep your newsletter going strong with original copy.

We can also help you track your social media statistics through a process known as “social media auditing.” This means that we can help you identify when your followers are most active on your different platforms, what kind of content they respond to best, and who your main demographic is.

Need help with any aspect of your business/organization’s social media? Reach out today!

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